Michelle Higgin

I doubt one can find the words to thank someone like yourself for the understanding and concern you showed towards my husband Chris after and myself after all the problems we had incurred when joining Virgin Active – Bluff. With all the ongoing problems, Chris had asked me to cancel his gym registration and after alot of convincing to make an appointment to see you, I would once again like to say a very big THANK YOU TAS. If it wasn’t for you, Chris would not have joined the gym. I would no doubt hesitate to recommend your wonderful service to anyone; you have been absolutely wonderful, thank you. May God continue to bless you in your life and in your profession; you are doing a wonderful job.

Soroya Akoob

as and Nadz were personally committed to me and my goal and partnered with me the entire way – never letting me give up and always supporting and encouraging me. Every millimetre and milligram I lost become their personal achievements. I went from hating exercise to becoming an endorphin junkie who needs an exercise fix at least once a day !Twelve months later, whilst I am 9 kg and approx. 50 cm (if not more) down, I have gained a whole new lifestyle making healthier, better food choices and TWO AWESOME FRIENDS!
Thanks Tas and Nadz.

Stephanie Seaward

The cardiologist told me that a heart attack or stroke would have been inevitable.
What made us go the gym at that time, I can only surmise but I honestly feel I owe Thasmae Chetty a huge dept of gratitude for her professional and speedy reaction to my symptoms which undoubtedly saved my life.

Kasavan Naicker

One thing that Tas has taught me was that one cannot follow a broad based diabetics diet plan. Get a tailor made diet plan (and a diet education) for your body specifics and lifestyle,and get it to work for you instead of you working around the diet.We are now working on an exercise plan to work in conjunction with the diet plan to improve my total physical condition.With Tas’s encouragement, guidance, perseverance and motivation for me to attain my goals,she has produced exemplary results in such a short period of time, with which I am totally ECSTATIC. I am now looking forward to an even greater and healthier body with a tailor made ‘TAS’ package. WATCH THIS SPACE!!! THREE THUMBS UP !!!

Ralph Jamarie

Hi Tas, I just wanted to thank you and your team for helping me with my injury. Even though I had flu, I managed to complete the Comrades Marathon in 11:52. I must say there was absolutely NO problem with my injury throughout the race. My only problem was cramping of the quads and hamstring on the other leg. Please convey my gratitude to the girls and know that I won’t hesitate to refer you or use you again.


I cannot place a monetary value on the healing you brought to me neither can I find the words to thank you, so I thought I would give you a progress report on your work. I never did squats for 5 years, prior to seeing you – I recently squatted 210kgs for 3 reps and this is how you strengthened my back! When you were treating me I weighed 90 kgs, I now weigh 106 kgs.
Thank you for this.


I feel more confident on my legs and I do not favour the injured knee at the expense of the muscle in the good leg.
I have also not had the aching tired feeling in it anymore.
Thank you Thasmae!

Lisha Bhadree

I would definitely recommend seeing the Biokineticist for great alternate methods of treatment and healing. Thank you TAS CHETTY!!!